SCC Rundown: Conductive Learning Center/Peppino’s Downtown – 4/12/12 Event

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SCC Rundown: Conductive Learning Center/Peppino’s Downtown – 4/12/12 Event

To prevent you from experiencing severe FOMS (fear of missing something) here is a rundown of our latest and greatest event that took place last Thursday, 4/12/12.

We partnered with the Conductive Learning Center (CLC) of Aquinas College and hosted our event at Peppino’s Downtown. CLC assists children who are born with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, or suffer from a brain injury. It was a huge success! We raised $1,230 for the Conductive Learning Center’s scholarship fund, which will provide over 120 hours of programming for a child with a motor disability.

Many CLC staffers and young families came out in support of the event. Social Charity Club executive hosts Lauren LaTarte and Marjorie Behm both commented on the amazing leadership and participation displayed by the CLC staff and parents. Their attendance

Social Charity Club event for Conductive Learning Center at Peppino's

A packed house for CLC at Peppino’s Downtown!

gave young professionals in the area a chance to connect with the center and learn more about their cause. “Those who attended were able to see the passion behind the program and even meet some of the children who participate. This made the event truly special,” says Marjorie.

“The event was flawless from the pre-event hype and marketing, to the venue, fundraising, and friend-raising too. We could not be more impressed with SCC,” says Terry Stelter, Executive Director of CLC.

Peppino’s was incredibly generous providing appetizers

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and drink specials throughout the evening. Many thanks to them and to everyone who came out, promoted the event, and donated. Stay tuned for more information about our May charity and venue. Details coming soon!

All Smiles for CLC

Lauren LaTarte &

Marjorie Behm

If you would like to learn more about the Conductive Learning Center and how to get involved please go to:

All photos are courtesy of Regina Joy Photography. (

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